The FutureHAUS bathroom demonstrates a truly integrated bathroom of the future, created through an assembly line process. The room, fixtures, and furnishings are enriched by sensors, actuators, and interactive displays to support innovative, useful features. Components are integrated in the house information system to provide synergy, enabling a holistic, user-centric, context-aware, resource-aware bathroom environment. The result is a user-friendly bathroom that supports the integration of new technology and enhances the daily routines experienced in the bathroom.

The bathroom addresses the following categories:

Smart Living

An easy-to-use integrated interface allows multigenerational users to perform a multitude of bathroom operations, such as monitoring and controlling hot water, energy, and resources like toilet paper and soap.

Smart Technology

Integrated cutting-edge fixtures, adjustable cabinetry, smart accessories, and tunable lighting provide a comfortable, user-friendly bathroom experience.

Smart Surfaces

Innovative new bathroom materials, surfaces, and finishes provide a beautiful, easy-to-clean, sanitary, safe environment.

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