Meet our Team

Below is a list of the 2016-2017 Virginia Tech FutureHAUS team members.


Joseph Wheeler, professor of architecture, College of Architecture and Urban Studies; co-director, Center for Design Research

Denis Gracanin, associate professor in the Department of Computer Science

Clive Vorster, visiting professor of architecture in the School of Architecture + Design

Bobby Vance, project manager; master’s student in the School of Architecture + Design

Meaghan Dee, webmaster, assistant professor of Visual Communication Design, School of Visual

Marya Barlow, communications director,



Walter Haim                    M.Arch., 2nd Year                    Pittsburgh, PA

Brandi Wagenhoffer       Architecture, 3rd Year               Sterling, VA

Katie Waldner                 Architecture, 3rd Year               Cranford, NJ

Elyse Smith                     Architecture, 3rd Year               Ellicott City, MD

Trey King                         Architecture, 3rd Year               Chattanooga, TN

Charlie Queen                 Architecture, 3rd Year               Poquoson, VA

Evan McIver                     Architecture, 3rd Year              Lynchburg, VA

Shashank Agarwal           Architecture, 3rd Year              Noida, India

Laurie Booth                     Interior Design, 2nd Year        Charlotte, NC

Erin McGuire                    Interior Design, 3rd Year         Woodbridge, VA

Reem Bukhamseen          Interior Design, 3rd Year         Kuwait

Mohamed Handosa         Computer Science, Ph.D.         Egypt