Bedroom / Home Office

Highlights of this fourth and final phase include:

  • Flex space, allowing rooms to be adapted for different space needs and functions by simply moving a wall.
  • Smart closet and wardrobe, enabling users to locate clothes on a smart mirror touchscreen and have them delivered on demand.
  • Smart window wall, featuring a high-performance environmental design and technology that makes automatic adjustments for shading, privacy, and insulation.
  • Laundry room that conveniently tucks away to minimize noise and clutter.
  • Bedroom with voice- and gesture-activated bed, room controls, and canopy-screen overhead entertainment system.
  • Mixed-reality home office that’s a telecommuter’s dream, blending virtual reality with the real world.
  • Audiovisual wall that spins 180-degrees to serve multiple functions as a speaker, television, computer screen, videoconferencing monitor, dry-erase board, or decorative art wall.


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